I am everything and nothing, i want to be in that place where we connect.​

I am all about the present moment.

Working with what we have in the moment here and now, and natural light.

 I love to shoot people willing to be naked and relaxed. REAL.

"Nakedness ", is all about being open enough so we can connect. Dropping the costumes, the ego, the masks...

This is my Art - the moment where we connect and the photography really is just a memory.  

Some Facts:

Photography was my first passion ever.


  •  I learned photography at a very young age maybe at 9 i was already shooting with my dads camera , old style Nikon... and later i studied professionally for 3 years. At that point I was living in a little room developing all my pics, and rolling my own films.

  • I was and still am in love with natural light. When the digital “ Era” came.. was expensive to continue to do old style photography and I never get used to digital. So I stopped for a while, many years really but now I am rediscovering this passion of mine.

  •  I try not to use photoshop, only basics, no big changes. I don't know how to use it and not interested in learning .

  • Because I am a health coach as well I started shooting food photography more than anything else. That kept my passion alive.

  • Now I am in a deep romance with portrait and food.

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